Sunday, December 31, 2006

APPA AMMA in Fort Lauderdale

It's been a little while we met in blog;
Last 2 weeks, it's been real busy over here in FLL - The climate was so radical, within 5 days, we have seen hot sun, cold winter, slashy rain, cloudy dull...
Kind of quick demo of the whole year (thankfully there is no stroms here ....)

Please see below a quick view of the most happenings

*) We took them over for a small "pattinaprevesam" and here is the view

FLL with Appa Amma I

*) They tried arranging a "valaikaappu" and seemantham for Anu. With much help from our friends and family out there, we successfully managed to have the trio function of UDAGA SANTI, SEEMANTHAM, PUMSUVANAM and the final "poo"choottal

A brief list and arrangement made possible by the things brought by appa (including porcupine needle) and we set out for shopping the list - made two three trips to local stores to gather HOMA kundam, havan saamagri, samiththu - luckily we have huge banyan trees next to our home and able to stash lots of samiththu.

There were 3 cassettes, 2 for UDAGA SANTI and one for seemantham. We rehearsed by listening all mantra's and thereby preparing the final list which included items that are freely available out there but haven't had here.

After consulting our "family" josyar, appa gave me choice of 2 days of which only one is in valarpirai and so the best (and sort of forced to take that :) )

We realised quickly that comes on Dec 29th which is sort of last working day and no way to go late to office - added to this the rahu starts by 10:30

Planned for Udaga santi on Thursday evening and went fine for 3 hours completely.

Thanks to Bangalore Ganapatigal (Anu's athimber), we requested for his virtual presence during the seemantham and especially at the time of homam. He was so patient and listening - We started at the morning 5ish for valaikaappu and then with the vigneswara pooja the homam started.
Connected the phone to computer to listen to the mantram from bangalore (sort of offshore design and development and onsite implementation :o) )

I personally feared any fire alarm during the whole process and we also have our closest neighbour - a COP. :(

Luckily, the morning was so clear and no fog - we had the whole homam as well as other rituals done by 10:22 a.m.

Here are the snaps

Udaga Santi, Pumsuvanam,Seemantham

Thanks and add your asirvathams in comments