Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dheepavali 2008

We had a nice time this year on Diwali eve.

Here are few snaps from my little cam - this time also tried my best to get family shots - just missed one of our best though ...



the last few fotos show how we celebrated the diwali-day, and yeah - anu's hand work on sweets as well as mehandi :)

See you soon with more memories - stay tuned....


The Navarathri of 2008 was indeed interesting, thanks to Bhishak. We made his crib as the stage for golu and celebrated all nine days with different varieties of "sundal".

Here is a small sample of our GOLU

Forgive my half - pant; i didn't realize till I uploaded and by the time, all navarathri was over all golu bommai's laid down to rest. Next year we will meet in veshti